We have moved…

If it looks as though not much is happening here, it’s because we have moved.  As things have been changing in the ministry I am doing, I decided to move my blog to a more permanent location to reflect what I am developing ministry-wise.  I am still pastoring a simple church which gathers on a regular basis as a home church.  We are continuing to grow together and minister locally in Wilmington, but the Lord has been encouraging another passion in me to teach about the Transforming Life of Jesus in other place where He may open up opportunities.  I am also interested in helping churches, house churches and simple gatherings of hungry believer to discover a deeper and more liberating life in Christ.  The church in desperate need of a relational renewal as evidenced by the numbers of people leaving traditional churches to find a deeper and more relational christianity.  Our hope is not to add to layers of religious form but rather to help bring revelation to spiritual life in Christ that leads to freedom, healing, compassion and deeper intimacy.  Regardless the form of church, we want to help people discover what it is to be the church, the bride of Jesus and the apple of our Father’s eye.

If we can assist you along this journey or you have suggestions about resources you would like to see developed, please contact us.  If you are interested in seeing if what John does would fit an event or gathering you have in mind, then go to www.transforminglife.org  and send us an email.

NEW LOCATION: www.transforminglife.org


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