The measure of success…

I just love the awkwardness of conversation.  You know it when you encounter it.  The proverbial “How’s the weather” conversation; the superficial stuff.  We do this when we don’t know someone, don’t know what to talk about or what questions we should really ask.

These kind of conversations are interesting among christians, especially leaders.  This is why pastors, church planters, leaders and those observing them ask superficial questions about success.  How many people do you have coming?  How many groups do you have? 

People want measurable and decisive answers.  I’m always tempted to give such answers, but the truth is these days such answers are not impressive if that is how we perceive success.

Let me leave you with two thoughts:

1. It is much easier to describe to you what I’m doing rather than tell you what I’m becoming.

2. Faith will always lead you down paths where you can’t use your eyes.

Unfortunately these two thing are not impressive to those looking to measure success by superficial things.


One response to “The measure of success…

  1. John, good thoughts about success. I spent many years measuring up to mans’ standard and acheiving, exceeding and pursuing higher levels of accomplishment. The deceiving thing is, that for all your success, according to mans’ standard, it is never, never, never enough! Yet, in Christ Jesus, the way, the truth and the life, God’s standard is fulfilled and we all have access to the love of God in Christ. NO deception!!! Now, I only seek to be pleasing to God and that lifts a great burden from me. I seek to do all things to His glory and not mans’! grace and peace.

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