A Beautiful thing…

As I woke up this morning I felt an incredible sense of gratitude for the journey I am on.   Life is a marathon, not a 50 yard dash and learning to live in the moment is an art, not a science.  Every canvas is the same.  It doesn’t look like much, kind of plain.  But the moment the master artist puts his hand to the canvas, with each brush of color the canvas comes to life.  To the canvas and those who watch the artist at work, each stroke makes no sense till the masterpiece is done.  Learning to live in the moment and enjoying the journey is all about trusting the Master as He adds color to our life.  Each moment is necessary to the vision in the Master’s heart and mind.  

Put your trust in God’s vision for your life.  You don’t have to understand every moment, just look for the Master of the moment.  Our peace and joy in life’s circumstance is in the presence of God and the trust that each moment is necessary for our completion.  You will miss the beauty of each stroke and color if you are more concerned with understanding why He is doing it rather than embracing what He’s doing.

Trust God’s vision, He will complete it.

Don’t worry, He knows what He’s doing.

Enjoy the beauty of each moment, He’s in the moment.

Be patient, it’s a journey.


One response to “A Beautiful thing…

  1. Better late than never? That’s my comment? God is in the ordinary! It is a beautiful thing. He’s in the moment…each and every one! Our God totally rocks!!!!! Love, Doug

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