Hope Shines…

dentist“For in this hope we were saved. Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.”        Romans 8:24

Though you may not see, the Son is always behind the clouds.  Just wait.

I got up this early morning from a sleepless night.  I had to be at the Endodontist first thing.  I have a tooth that was crowned a few years ago and it seemed to be giving me trouble.  My dentist said I might need a root canal.  For a week I’ve been thinking something was not right with the crown, but what do I know, I’m not the dentist.  I hate going to the dentist. 

When I walked out of the house it was a gloomy overcast day.  The sun was nowhere to be found.  But, I know it’s still there.  It’s amazing how the look of the weather can affect your outlook of the day.  Depressing looking days have a tendency to depress.  We can forget the sun is always there behind the clouds.

As I sit here writing this the sun is breaking through the clouds.  It was there all the time.  We cannot always see it when we want, but with patience it always comes.

Don’t worry so much when you see the clouds in your life.  Even if it tarries, wait in hope.  Though all we may see is clouds, the Son is always there.  Our hope is in someone greater than what our eyes can see.  Jesus is always there.  Wait on Him, His timing is perfect.

When I was at the Endodontist, he said he believed I needed an adjustment on my crown and a little antibiotic would take care of it instead of a root canal.  It seens to feel much better.  And, it cost me $95 instead of $1000.  What a blessing.


2 responses to “Hope Shines…

  1. what a great reminder for us to trust God and to continue to have faith in him! we sometimes forget how BIG and awesome he is… and it does our heart (and mind and spirit and all of us!) good to remember and remind ourselves that God sees all and knows all – there is a few great chapts at the end of Job (not to diss the rest of job, but to say i like these ones!) round 38-39 i think where God runs through a list of things he does and knows – to encourage job (and perhaps to reveal a bit of truth to him…) that he is indeed almighty God who makes the thunder and calls the rain to rain and sees the mountain deer when she has her kids…. things like that… it makes me smile, becuase i know that God knows the number of the hairs on my head, and the number of the hairs on my toes (which is a considerably smaller number!) and so i trust him.

    glad the dentist worked out too!

    blessings, fireball

  2. Praise the Lord! For His mercy endures forever…He is Faithful! and fulfills every promise made to mankind…they are all yea in Christ Jesus. See you on Sunday.

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