Missional, Incarnational Community…

SaviorIn the movie Superman Returns, Superman comes to see Lois and explains why he left and came back.  He takes Lois for a flight through the night sky high above the earth.  As they hover, Superman says:

S: What do you hear?

L: Nothing.

S: I hear everything….

S: You wrote “The world does not need a Savior, but every day I hear people crying out for one.”

Isn’t that so true.  If you have the ears and eyes to discern the cry of humanity all around us;  they cry out for a Savior.  From atheist to agnostic to right out vile pagan – While even in the midst of outright denying the existence of God, their lives, their pain, their dreams and life longings cry out for a Savior. 

Instead of self-righteous disdain for the behavior and religious beliefs of others, we should be moved to compassion for a crying humanity in need of a Savior. 

“He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?”   Micah 6:8

Who is going to show them the way?


5 responses to “Missional, Incarnational Community…

  1. Amen! & Amen! brother. Great post and exactly what we must be about! Our faith and mission is to be incarnational…we are His epistles, written in His love and abounding grace. Paul said, ‘I am crucified with Christ’, Paul and all who claim the name are now identified by our co crucifixion into Jesus’ death..’never the less, it is not I who lives, but Christ living in me…incarnation and Oswald Chambers says this, ‘the faith is not Paul’s faith in Jesus, but the faith that the Son of God has imparted to him..’the faith of the son of God’. Just as our Lord was, is and always will be the Word made flesh, we, the ones identified with Him, are to be the incarnated message, by the spirit that dwells in each of us. So be it! Blessings. Doug

  2. John,

    That’s a good post! I was watching a video clip of R.C. Sproul talking about the Seeker Sensitive movement. He was saying that the concept of the SSM is based on a flawed premise — namely, that unbelievers are seeking after God. Combing this with your point, while everyone may be looking for a savior, they may not all be looking for THE Savior; or as Sproul said it, “we all want what Jesus offers, we just don’t want Jesus.”


  3. WOW. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Though I came across this site looking for Superman pics or wallpapers I stopped and read what you wrote and you nailed it dead on. A great thing to remember also is the creators of Superman were both Jewish and wanted to create a super hero simuler to Jesus. I know the main point is God in all things and this is one more thing that proves God is always with us, even at the movie theater. Great job and God bless.

  4. Nice point. Was with you until you judges “pagan” as “vile” and then said “Instead of self-righteous disdain for the behavior and religious beliefs of others.” Which was sorta hypocritical as “vile” was a judgement.

    • Gregg, thank you for you comment. It’s funny how depending on who hears what you say, they all hear something different. I guess we all filter things through a predisposed position. I however will try to clarify a little.

      My words were not meant to judge anyone. I am no ones judge. Scripture is clear that there is only one judge, Jesus. The truth is, we all are pagan and vile before we are save by grace through faith in Jesus. Without Jesus we are “by nature objects of God’s wrath” and “dead in our sins.” This is the judgement of God, not mine. To speak God’s judgement is not necessarily judgmental. To not love someone and treat them with contempt because of their lifestyle or beliefs would be judgmental.

      Additionally, my statement “Instead of self-righteous disdain for the behavior and religious beliefs of others…” was meant to describe those who do not have love and compassion for those they see as athiest, agnostic or vile pagan, who like all of us are crying out for a savior whether they realize it or not.

      As to being a “hypocrite”, I have worn that hat more than once as well as many others. I still act like a hypoctite and a pagan from time to time without any excuse or place to put blame other than myself. The only hope I have is the fact that Jesus died because of me, for me, as me on the cross. Because he rose from the dead to a new life; through faith in Him, He gives me the assurance I will be transformed and eventually look and behave like Him. He is our only hope.

      Much love to you.


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