Diversity – embrace it, own it, enjoy it…

Me & Dad

Me & Dad

 “Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them…”   Romans 12:6

I have spent the last 2 years on a personal spiritual journey that has brought me to re-examine everything in my life.  I have read countless books and searched the scriptures.  I have allowed God to search me, correct me, shape me and lead me.

Much of what I hear from our post-modern spiritual and cultural experts, both excites me and concerns me.  Whether its traditional, denominational, emergent, missional, mega church, meta church, house church or something you are afraid of labeling for fear of really defining yourself: One thing is for sure; it misses the point.  Life is not in the “how” but in the “WHO”!

This does not mean we cannot discover or learn from those who are exploring different ways and maybe more effecient ways of doing Church, however, it will never change that we are to “BE” the Church.  The concerning thing is the focus on the newest and best way to do church.  The form.  This has led many such expert who consider themselves out front pioneering the brave new way, to say to all those who have gone before them, “I have found the right way.  God is no longer in the old way.”  Now many have said they are not saying that, while leaving you with no option from their writings to conclude otherwise.  They just don’t say the words.

I am excited that despite the need to write books, do lecture and blog saying “I found the new form of things to come”, these and so many others are wanting a much deeper intimacy with Jesus and a greater impact in the world.  Here in the west we have continued to model a pursuit for intimacy but continue to go around the world trying to establish western christian church forms.  Last I checked various worship music styles were difficult to pull off in the Congo.

Let’s be honest with ourselves and fully embrace the journey we are on.  Just because God begins to move me in a particular direction does not mean that everyone is supposed to jump on board or get left behind.  We all have a tendency when God shows us something and leads us to follow Him , especially as leaders, that we really think we’ve found the newest and best thing and maybe the new move of God.  Care must be taken to keep focused on what’s important.  There will continue to be great diversity in the how’s of our journey but the Who needs to remain the central focus and the aim of our affection.

We all need a place to land where we find the thing God has for us, especially as leaders.  Find it, embrace it and lead.  Do it with all your heart.  Don’t worry so much how others are doing it.  I don’t believe God created so much diversity in His body only for us to discover a new form of how to do things and tell the rest of the body, “You need to do it our way.”  We’d all get pretty tired walking on our hands or make everyone else in the body mad for being an @$$. “Yes I said it. Sue me!”

My brother puts it this way:

“Find the thing you love and do it!”   Scott Hobbs

If you love singing hymns – sing hymns.  If you love small groups – do it.  If you love evangelism, knocking on doors, cold calling – do it. (This however in not my bag. But if yours, do it!)

Folks find your thing and do it to the Praise and Glory of God!

Embrace it and own it and enjoy it with everyone who loves the same thing.  God is Big enough to handle the uniqueness and diversity of His body.  After all He made it that way and places the member where He desires.

My ramblings for the day.


3 responses to “Diversity – embrace it, own it, enjoy it…

  1. Hey buddy! First, congrats on the creative cussing! Very funny stuff! Second, it also reminds of a quote from dad, “embrace the process”. Third, thanks for quoting me! It makes me feel important. Lastly, you are a man of God that has stood strong through major difficulty and done so with integrity.

    If we truly are being redeemed, mind, will, and emotions. Then it only stands to reason that when we follow Jesus, the things that stir our hearts (i.e. hymns, modern worship, liturgy, emergent, traditional, etc.) probably come from His heart AS LONG AS THEY DRIVE US TO JESUS.

    Love ya man!

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  3. Ditto on the ‘creative cussing’ LOL.

    I like what you said about being honest with ourselves and fully embracing the journey we are on…Sometmes I find myself trying to alter where I am in the journey because I don’t like the discomfort it brings. Or even derailing myself completely! If I am honest with myself and if I am seeking God’s heart for me then I am better able to accept where I am and change course if HE directs me to instead of trying to be in control all the time, as I am very guilty of doing!

    You keep doing YOUR thing! I am so proud of you.

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