When Church Is Like A Happy Meal…

Church:  Have we just become consumers of religious goods and services or are we actively participating in the life and ways of Jesus.  For some the content of their spirituality is as intimate, brief and personally vulnerable as a trip through the McDonald’s Drive Thru.  However, if you paid for the meal of the next person behind you in line it might be more like what Jesus might do than all the sermons and worship experiences we have consumed.  Ask yourself are you a participant in the Kingdom and are you becoming a part of the redemptive story and work of Jesus?  How is your life being changed, changing the lives around you?  As you consume the Eucharist (communion – Lord’s Supper) are you whetting your appetite for lunch to follow or are you being transformed and becoming broken bread and poured out wine for the hungry and thirsty around you?

Don’t get me wrong.  There could be alot happening here, maybe not.  This is a random googled photo.


One response to “When Church Is Like A Happy Meal…

  1. “You wanna sermon with that?”

    Know what you mean! Instead of super-sizing their faith, some people want sermonettes, always to be ministered to, and no challenges that they’ll think about Monday to Saturday, thank you very much.

    But as they say, a rising tide lifts all boats. Get enough who are passionately in love with Jesus and the church culture will get just a little too uncomfortable for those who want to check off church like a grocery list.

    P.S. They don’t look very happy in that photo, do they!?

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