My wife thought I had logged off my blog when she wrote “A Day At The Polls.”  She inadvertently posted this on mine.  However, you should go read Amy’s blog.  I thought somthing was strange when I checked my comments and didn’t understand what people were talking about.

I find it interesting reading other people’s blogs to find self-disclaimers notifying readers to not hold their churches, organizations or associations responsible for their blog content.  So I thought I would make my own disclaimer.

I am not responsible for anything my wife says on her blog or in person.  She is solely responsible.  I would additionally like to say she is entirely responsible for anything I say or do, so any complaints therein should be directed to her.  Thank you.


2 responses to “Disclaimer…

  1. Ok!Ok! Then that means that your wife is responsible for anything I say too? Or is that my wife?
    God is so good!

    Love to all, Doug & Nancy

  2. I did totally laugh out loud at this one! You are too funny.
    Love you! And your wife.

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