Why do you love? – an examination of the heart…

Heart ArtEver since I was little, I’ve always wanted to know how things worked – what makes them tick?  I see this in my middle son, Jonathan, who can’t help asking you a million questions about everything and taking anything electronic and dismantling it to see how it works and if he can build something else out of the all the parts.  In life we intuitively want answers to all our questions.

I find this carries over to pastoring people in that I want to know what makes a person tick.  What are the underlying issues of a person’s life that cause what is seen on the surface.  I like to fix things and part of fixing things is knowing what is underneath and how it works. 

God is really good at fixing things since He is the creator of all things.  He sees the root of everything.  Why don’t we take things back to the manufacturer more often.  God does a much better job of keeping His creation in tip-top shape than we do.  However, we will stubbornly keep trying only to make things worse.  Just break down and do it – take your stuff back to Him so He can fix it and quit pointing fingers and saying, “You broke my stuff on purpose.  I don’t like you anymore!”  OK, sarcasm, but true.

Moment of truth.  We do a great job judging others and figuring out what’s broke in other people’s lives.  But, what about our own?  What makes ME tick?  What are my underlying motives?  Why do I do what I do?  Why do I act loving to others?  Why do I do for others?  What’s underneath?

Check this post out by Pete Wilson called Desiring to be loved or seeking to love.”  It’s a dose of honesty.  When was the last time you got honest with yourself?

There is no “What’s in it for me” motivation in God’s love for you.  He makes sure He gives you all He has with no strings attached.  Do you love as you have been loved by Jesus?


4 responses to “Why do you love? – an examination of the heart…

  1. wonderful… and well put together!

  2. thank you for this! many of my posts revolve around the question of why in an attempt to understand the wisdom God is trying to share any way He can. *grin*

  3. Thanks for these thoughts John! Well said.

  4. Wonderful insight! I ask myself that every time I get ready to speak. Needless to say, I still say things when I clearly should not! But, the more I press in and abide in Him, I find that the times when I love with His love and for no alternative motive, increase supernaturally. I count all things as loss, so that I can know Christ and the excellence of His love (where have I heard that before?) and that is why we all must continue to press toward the goal, the upward call of Christ Jesus.
    God is knitting together all of us in His love and for no other reason than He chooses too. Our God is Awesome!

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