So You Don’t Want To Go To Church Anymore…Pt. 2.5

Recession and Church

Here is another great post by Jeromy Johnson at A Mending Shift entitled DEEP RECESSION and THE CHURCH. You need to check this out.

How do you think a recession will affect the Church?

What would happen to your church if you lost your church building?

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5 responses to “So You Don’t Want To Go To Church Anymore…Pt. 2.5

  1. If you find the Jake Colsen book an interesting read, I think you will find The End of Religion by Bruxy Cavey a REALLY great book for you. I will be interviewing him soon on my blog. He talks about how Jesus did not come to start a new religion but to abolish religion.

  2. It should be interesting to see, but my knee-jerk response is that people may reduce their giving and that effects the church (the building, the people and it’s ministry) in a number of ways.
    Here’s a thought…let’s turn off the news and operate in faith and stop freaking out whenever the media starts telling us we should be freaking out.

  3. Great material to reflect upon! I hesitate to say that I believe most (70-80%) ministry would cease if the church building was lost for any reason. So much of the ministry of the church is focused through the building, not the true temple (which is who we are).
    Being in ministry myself, I have had members of churches say to me that they would not allow the building to be lost or fall into disuse. Not only that, as church goers we place a tremendous focus on programs for ministry, rather than the personal, powerful, passionate love of God to be the church wherever we find ourselves. God has something to say about all this waywardness and confusion. 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If My people, who are called by my name…:” you all know the rest of the verse. And in Jeremiah 29:11, “I know the plans I have for you…”. Could be that all this is working into His plan for our lives and He will use this to turn the hearts of His people to Him and Wow! When that happens, watch out!
    The greatest bailout that ever took place was on Calvary! and I’m trusting God for a powerful move of His Spirit to put the Church back on track, with or without buildings!
    That’s my two cents worth. Something to think about.

  4. “The greatest bailout that ever took place was on Calvary!…”

    Doug, that is one of the most awesome things I’ve heard lately. I will probably be quoting you. We’ve missed you all. – JOHN

  5. Two great books that explore this very question and other related ones are “Pagan Christianity?” and its sequel, “Reimagining Church”, by Frank Viola. You can read a sample chapter of “Reimagining” at
    It’s also available on Frank is also blogging now at

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