So You Don’t Want To Go To Church Anymore… Pt.1.5

Along with this current series “So you don’t want to go to church anymore”, I will be inserting some others thoughts on the subject so we can see how God is moving on the hearts of people in other places.  When we talk about the church, we need to begin to see how God is speaking to the church universal, not just our local congregation.  God is moving in His body and it’s encouraging to see it’s not just me.  That’s humbling to know.

With that said, here is a post by Jeromy Johnson in Folsom,California (The home of that prison  famous by Johnny Cash.)  What is God doing in His church on the other side of the continent?  CLICK HERE or the above banner which is Jeromy’s Blog “A Mending Shift” and read his thoughts entitled “Going to church to avoid being the church”.

You can also read another good post by Jeromy entitled “What if the Church was invisible? HERE.


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