Yoda on Small Groups…

This is like a commercial between my series post on “So you don’t want to go to church anymore.”  I love this video about the value of small groups and it reminds me of my brother Scott, who is, yes, a Star Wars Freak!  Much love Scott.

So enjoy!


5 responses to “Yoda on Small Groups…

  1. Dude! That was great! Thanks for the heads up. If I wasn’t into small groups before you know it only takes a little Star Wars to fire me up! MMMMMMM To Small Group I will go, yes.

    Love you a Miss Ya

  2. Ha! That was awesome. Hmm, cheetos, eat them I will.

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  4. Saw this post linked over at Chris Reeder’s site. Hilarious and effective about small groups.

    “…here I am rambling on like a Sith..”

    Loving it!

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