Risky Business…

77 CamaroMy highlight from toady’s message – I got to show a clip from the movie Transformers.

I mentioned in an earlier post that me and Jesus were on a journey.  One of the things I’ve been pondering is found in a quote from this movie.

“50 years from now, don’t you want to say you had the guts to get in the car.” – Sam

This is a defining moment for Sam and Makala, will they go home or will they become a part of living the adventure? Will they take the risk?  Will they take the road less traveled?  Or will they play it safe?

Maybe it was not so theatrical and with no building music in the background but this is exactly what was going on when Jesus spoke to Peter and Andrew on the shore of Galilee saying, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”  This was a defining moment.  They had no idea what was exactly ahead for them. 

3 years down this road Peter was so in love with Jesus, he said he was willing to go where ever Jesus went even if it was to the cross.  In John 21:15-22 Peter has now witnessed Jesus’ crucifixion and failed miserably by denying that he knew Him.  He was probably evaluating Jesus call to “Follow him.”   After the resurrection,  Jesus comes to Peter and has a little breakfast with him on the shore.  Jesus asks Peter “Do you love me?”  Peter replies “Lord you know I do.”  Jesus says “Feed my sheep.”  This He does three times.  Then Jesus describe the kind of death Peter would suffer and then again as He did in the beginning, He says, “Follow me.”  Peter goes on to ask “what about John.”  Jesus says “What is that to you if he lives or dies, you follow me.”

Jesus call to us to follow Him.  If we choose, it will be a life filled with meaning, purpose, adventure, mystery, and danger, perril, sacrifice, and unlimited posibilities.  We don’t know all that will happen.  Each persons life and journey is unique as is their purpose.  But will we “get in the car?” 

I don’t want to settle for a life without meaning.  I want to say I had the guts to risk it all, where ever Jesus takes me.  I want to Follow Him!  Will you?

Have you had a defining moment?

Did you have the guts to take the risk?


One response to “Risky Business…

  1. “No Sacrifice, No Victory”

    Another great sermon topic!!!

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