Great faith…

sharkAs is my custom, I tucked my two boys into bed an prayed with them.  My sons have gotten into a habbit of thanking God for all of our family and then one by one every animal we have ever had dead and alive.  No, this is not going to be a theological discussion on “prayers for the dead.”

I am always looking for teachable moments.  Jonathan (10yrs) begings his prayer and gets to the pets – “…and thank you Jesus for Charlie, Wishbone, Tucker, Sinbad, Waves 1, and Waves 2.”  At this point I stopped his prayer (maybe I’m going to hell for that one) and said “Jonathan we don’t need to pray for our dead pets.”  If your curious, we don’t have a petting zoo, most of the list above is deceased and Waves 1 and Waves 2 are fish that belonged to their sister which died due to the boys helping assist in their suicide via the toilet.

It was Nathan’s (8yrs) turn to pray.  Keep in mind the picture above of the baby shark in formaldehyde.  Nathan begins to pray in the same manner as his brother – “Jesus, thank you for Mom, Dad, Jordan, our two dead cats and…. the poor dead baby shark (as he stretches his hand forth toward the shark – maybe too much TBN – kidding) Lord please make him alive.”

Oh ye of little faith – that shark began to swim around.  OK, maybe not.  But, do we believed like children and do we have the audasity to step out on faith and ask for the ridiculous.

Jesus told his disciples “Until now you have asked nothing in my name.  Ask and you will receive, that your joy may be full.”   John 16:24

How BIG is your GOD?


2 responses to “Great faith…

  1. I love thinking of Nate-man praying “a la Paul Crouch” for the dead shark to rise! LOL. Cracking up. You know, we have one of those sharks too…courtesy of Granny Hobbs.

    Oh the joys of watching our children grow.
    Love you, bro.

  2. DUDE, my faith so sucks compared to that! I wish I could get back to that child like faith, amazing!!

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