Are you a Christian?

So if by definition Christian means “Christ follower” and the Bible tells us to put on Christ and to have the likeness of Christ…..How does your life line up with this definition?  If you were Jesus what would you be doing right now?  How would you be living right now?  What should change about your life in order to be what you really claim to be?  Do we really believe if we do not live like what we say?  James said “You say you have faith, I’ll show you my faith by what I do.” (James 2:18 my paraphrase)

You may not like this statement.  I believe being saved and being a Christian are two different things.  Being saved depends on me believing in the finished work of Christ in His death and resurrection.  However, being a Christian has to do with me cooperating with the Holy Spirit’s work in and through me.  Notice my job or work.  I must work to cooperate with Him.  My job is to obey His leading in following Him and daily conforming to Him and acting like Him.

I have witnessed lately in my own life, people who are saved but not Christian.  They believe in the saving work of Christ but look and act like they don’t know Him.

Are you a Christian?


2 responses to “Are you a Christian?

  1. Good point! The Body of Christ is looking more and more like the world today. We must do as you said, cooperate with the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives. There must be enough evidence in our lives to convict us of being Christians. It starts with getting the Word of God in our lives, so that God has something to work with. But it doesn’t end there. Hearing is not enough. We must also obey.

  2. Interesting thoughts, bro.

    I agree with you. This is always an area where I’d like to grow–in cooperating with Him and obeying his leading….constantly moving in that direction. It’s like you said…”daily conforming to Him”…It is something we must choose to consciously act on and ask for His help with every day.

    Much love to you.

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