Qualities of people you entrust leadership to (pt.1)…

I want my leaders to do great things for God.  I want them to have an impact in the lives of people.  The Bible describles where this greatness comes from in Matthew 20:26b. (msg) “Whoever wants to become great must become a servant.”

The Apostle Peter said we each have received a special gift from the Lord and that we should use it in serving one another as those who have received God’s grace. (1 Peter 4:10)

When I am looking for leaders, I first look for those who have a heart to serve.  These are the ones who don’t have to be asked.  They are eager to do whatever you need.  They just want to serve.  Their joy is in giving to others as Jesus has given to them.  They don’t shy away for lack of experience or because it may cost them something.  They trust God and are thankful for the privilege to serve.  They serve God, not man.  They know God will reward them in due season.

Our churches today are full of those who are eager to receive.  They show up every week with their hands out and their mouths open for the next serving being dished up.  There is a fatness in the body of Christ that is unhealthy.  When all we do is receive and take and never give and pour out, we become like those whose bodies have become overweight and unable to do the things they used to do.  We become led by our appetites.  We find ourselves eating alot and doing little. 

However, when we are active serving, it increases our apetite and brings a healthy balance to our spiritual life.  There must be an inflow and outflow of the Spirit in our life.

Servant leaders are not always the most gifted or mature.  However, they mature quickly and are used greatly by the Lord.  God blesses those who serve and these are the ones I am looking for.


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