Why we do this…


This is the kind of stuff that makes it worth it. 

Today I performed a wedding ceremony for a couple who came to me and said they finally realized that they could not walk in God’s full blessing unless they quit living together and got married.  They realized God could not bless disobedience.  But that was not the best thing.  They both wanted to commit their lives to Christ and be baptized.  So we had a sea shore wedding and then got baptized. Dude.

That Rocks!!!!  God is so good.

This makes up for so much religious junk that you have to deal with in church.  It’s about relationships.

Congrats to Utah and Kim.  God bless you.  It was my honor.


2 responses to “Why we do this…

  1. That is what church should be. God is awesome!!

  2. That does totally ROCK!

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