Count it all JOY…

smile-2.jpgIt’s been a heck of a day.  I woke up to my hall bathroom being flooded.  Water must have been overflowing from the toilet half the night.  It went through the floor and caused the ceiling in our den to fall, flooded the den with 1/2 inch of water then flowed thought the wall to the garage and laundry room.  Praise Jesus! 

I spoke about joy on Sunday.  New revelation.  You cannot know true joy until you are tested.  James said to “count it all joy when you face trials of many kinds.” James 1:1  I think this one qualifies. 

I must be doing something right.  Amy and I went out to eat tonight at Hiro’s for Japanese.  My fortune cookie said, “Stay your present course, you are doing the right thing.”  I don’t normally take advise from Confucius but I think I’ll believe this ones from God.

You must choose Joy despite your circumstances.  When things suck choose joy.  Deep huh?

Now I’m more excited than ever about what God’s up to.

It’s JOY BABY!!!!   Join the happy wagon!


4 responses to “Count it all JOY…

  1. Cue up the song, “Shining Happy People”! Don’t let Kim come to your house again.

  2. You’re so right, bro!
    I feel some songs coming on–
    Keep smiling, keep shining…
    Don’t worry, be happy…


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