The Next Top Model…

265px-antmlogo2.jpgThis TV Reality Show with Tyra Banks take some everyday girls who would like to break into the Modeling Industry and gives them a shot at becoming America’s Next top Model.In 1Thessalonians 1:6-8 Paul talks about the Thessalonians who followed after the example of Paul and Jesus and became a MODEL for others throughout Achaia and Macedonia.

In John 13:15 Jesus said He came as an example for us to walk in.

What kind of Model are you?

I understand Paul’s pride in those who were being models to others.  I get excited when I see people on Sunday intentionally being an example of the kind of worshiper we should be.  There are a couple of guys I know who are our church’s Top Models.  Pastor Ben, whether he realizes it or not, is one of my biggest cheerleaders on Sundays and I try to be his.  He pulls out his Bible and takes notes.  He stays engaged with me throughout my sermon Modeling what it means to be a disciple who desires to learn and apply the Word of God.  For Pastor Ben I try to be near the front to model the kind of worship that God deserves and hopefully becomes contagious to others.  I also think of the example of  my father who has a way of changing the entire atmosphere in a room when he worships because he models an enthusiasm and passion for Jesus in worship that is an encouragement to the worship-leader and an example to other worshipper.  This reminds me of the scripture that says the Lord was with Jehoshaphat because he followed the example of his father David.

Our whole life is about modeling the example that has been given to us by Jesus and others.

Are you The Next Top Model?



One response to “The Next Top Model…

  1. I use to model,years ago !! But not for Jesus. John,Thanks for givening me an idea , I can always add this in ,when people ask;What do you do for a living?? Well,I’m in the process in becoming a Top Model !! I love it!! Can’t you just see their face now. This can really open some doors in conversation. I’m excited.

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