Today is my birthday!  Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to Me…  It’s only natural for me to be thankful for reproduction on this day;  Or at least to my parents for their appreciation for reproduction.

I was watching the greatest animated movie last night. “RATATOUILLE”  This is the story about a rat who loved cooking and becomes a great chef.  The movie is much better than my description.  You have to check it out. One of the animated shorts on the DVD was about the life of a rat.  It is a fact that a rat couple can reproduce 15,000 rats in a year through it’s descendants.  Scientists call this the principle of exponentiality.  This is the potential of the exponential growth in numbers of two rats reproducing and their children and so on for a year.  No wonder people describe it as a rat infestation.  I don’t think rabbits can reproduce at this rate.

What if Christians reproduced like rats?  That many not sound appealing but imagine the exponential possibilities if each of us were to reach one person for Jesus and that person did the same over the next year.  The growth of the Kingdom of God has only one limit – US.  We must reach people and impart the excitement and exponential potential of reaching other.

Let me challenge you.  Ask the Lord for one person and begin to relate to them with the goal to share the love of Jesus.  Build relationships with non-believers.  Make the most of every opportunity you have with people.  Reproduce… after all it was His first command to Adam and Eve.  “Be fruitful and multiply…”  We were meant to reproduce after our kind – The God Kind.


One response to “Reproduction…

  1. You are too much! LOL!

    I, too, am thankful to our parents for their appreciation of reproduction–biological AND spiritual!

    I already know who my one person is. 😉

    Hope you had a fun birthday.

    Love you!

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