Outa here…

“And He said to them,”Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a while.”  (For there were many people coming and going, and they did not even have time to eat.)”  Mark 6:31

Dad’s ministry (Maranatha Ministries Unlimited) is having their Annual Conference in Kitty Hawk, NC. this weekend.  I am looking forward to taking a few days away with my family.  It’s nice to go somewhere every once in a while and not have any demands placed on you.  Simply put, “a time of rest.” 

If you do not act intentionally about you rest, you won’t get any.  It is so easy to get wrapped up in what looks needful in the lives of other, especially if your heart is to truly serve.  Jesus said He did not come to be served, but rather to serve.  However, He knew when to take a break.  He knew how to rest.  Jesus was always in demand by people and their needs;  and in Mark 6:31 He encounters a situation that weighed heavy on both Him and His disciples.  In the midst of many people coming and going they didn’t even have time to feed themselves.  I can get so busy that I neglect my own need for nourishment, both physically and spiritually.  Jesus said, “Come away…” 

Are you living a balanced life?  Are you aware of your own needs as well as the needs of other around you?  God has given each of us the same amount of time to do what He has planned for our lives.  Our job is to walk closely to Him and hear Him when it comes to our “TO DO list.”  If we don’t have enought time then there is something out of order in our life.  Ask Him what is out of order or that should not be on your plate.  Trust Him enough to obey what He says.  If we will give our schedules over to Him we will find the time we need and we will hear Him when He says, “Come away…”


One response to “Outa here…

  1. Hope it’s a restful and fun weekend! 😉

    It’s too bad we have to “schedule” our rest, but we do. It’s so easy to get caught up in the tyranny of the urgent. I’m very guilty. I know God calls us to be still. Thanks for the reminder to hear Him say, “Come away”.

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