To Boldly Go Where…

I am a huge Star Trek fan.  Not the crazy go to convention kind, but I have love watching it on TV since I was a kid.  Yes, I own all the original Theatrical Releases and all the Star Trek – TNG episodes (all 7 seasons).  Something about the adventure of boldly going where no one had gone before fascinated and excited me.  There is an adventurer in all of us.  The question is whether we will take the risk and boldly go.  But what is the risk if we don’t?

This makes me think of Jesus words in Matthew 28:18-20, “All Authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth.  Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…“.  Can you imagine what these guys were thinking as Jesus gave them this command.   They could have seen this as an impossible task or an incredible adventure.  As we read the book of Acts we get a glimpse of this great adventure and certainly into places no one had gone before.

As I think about ministry today I am so grateful that God chosen me for the time I live in.  I believe I feel the same excitement that the disciples must have felt as they began to embark on their journey to”Boldly go…”  I know they never dreamed that to mean across the Internet into the remote parts of the earth.  It’s an exciting feeling to embark on a new adventure to share the Gospel through this Blog around the globe – hopefully.  I hope that more than my wife reads it. 

Anyway, I hope you are comforted, encouraged, challenged, and yes even convicted by the thoughts I share here.  Come back often and share it with someone you might think would benefit from what I write.  So here it goes, my first blog into the uttermost parts of the world…


3 responses to “To Boldly Go Where…

  1. Welcome to the Club!
    Hope to see y’all soon!

  2. Welcome to the blog world bro!

    Keep on writing and boldly go! 😉

    Love ya!

  3. Hobbie, good to hear from you. This blogging is crazy isn’t it, i think I may give it a try. My wife does a great job of it, hers is It’s a good way to keep up with our fam, I’ll be sure to bookmark yours as a favorite and visit often

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